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From: Bruce King

RE: Selling Made Easy Master Class aka. THE "Double Your Sales" Online Study Course

Dear Future Top Sales Performer,

I want to share with you my 25+ years of Sales Training Experience in a single go-to Training Course, designed for the highly competitive, yet lucrative, sales industry.

People often ask me how does this home study program compare to attending Selling Made Easy in person?

In my view, it’s probably better than attending in person because the program is so packed with sales and motivational strategies that I do not have time to take questions or repeat anything on the day.

With this online study program you can go over it again and again, as often as you wish, and the Bonus enables you to contact me with any questions as part of the package.

Neither do you have the travel costs and the cost of hotel accommodation. You don’t have to take time off work - you can take it at your own pace, whenever you choose.

"Bruce King really aggravates me because he delivers Sales Magic and dares to call it common sense! You will want to implement all his strategies and he makes that process so easy. So treat yourself to a dollop of Bruce’s common sense." - John Donnelly – Past Vice President of The Institute of Directors

"I have been following you the last 25 years and was probably the one who talked most about you in the nineties here in Sweden. I had a company with over 200 sales reps and they were all trained with the book Psycho Selling.
We gave everyone the book and followed it like it was the bible. it was you and other guys like Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy.
We were the best salesforce for hire for nearly 16 years in Sweden and we did have small offices in Denmark and England as well. You were by far the best together with Warren Greshes.
You are a legend among all my reps that now run their own companies!" - Mikael Arndt, Arndt's Business Club

"Own and implement the powerful strategies used by the World’s highest paid sales professionals and Massively Increase Your Sales – Guaranteed!"

The same sales coaching that has enabled thousands of salespeople around the world to Double Their Sales – Fast…

NOW available as an Online Course

Packed with over 5 Hours Of World-Class Sales Training & Self-Motivation Strategies presented by Bruce King, recognised Internationally as a World-Class Sales Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author. This Sales Master Class was filmed Live over a full day and edited for speed learning.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • New salespeople
  • Field sales people
  • Tele-Salespeople
  • B2B and B2C salespeople
  • Salespeople who need a refresher
  • Client relationship managers
  • Account managers
  • Business development managers
  • Business owners
  • Professional Services providers
  • AND anyone working in a business or profession for whom selling is part of their overall responsibilities.
Watch, listen and learn in the comfort of your own home or office.



Massively Increase Your Sales – Guaranteed!

If you implement these techniques and do not increase your sales in the next 3 months we’ll give you a full refund, that is how confident we are in this Selling Made Easy Master Class Home Study Course. That’s a NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE!

"The best sales based training I have ever attended. The content was relatable unlike many other sales courses I have attended." - Matthew Saunders, Swiftclean

"Very inspiring course. I leave today feeling more equipped and more confident selling my product. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has anything to sell." - Kevin Thorne, Property Solutions

"Bruce, you are well on your way to making a salesperson out of me and I am leaving feeling excited about the future and newly invigorated and engaged. This months sales meeting will be totally different and by the 30th September 2013 I will have doubled my sales. Thank you Bruce." - Rachael Hargrave, The Phoenix Partners.

"I’m very excited about what I’ve learned today. Looking forward to implementing it and seeing the results! It was a very good balance of theory, experience and practice. Thanks Bruce." - Pieter H Green, LiveVue

"I sell high ticket products into the UK petroleum market and have been inspired by today’s training to retake control of the selling process. Many thanks Bruce." - Paul Conlin

"I really enjoyed the day. Excellent, well executed and clear. Very easy to understand – now I have to follow this great example." - Nicole Hunter, GP & J Baker Ltd

"Bruce is engaging and delivers his sales techniques and tips with enthusiasm and passion. I look forward to implementing them into my sales routine and watching my profits grow." - Christopher Dancer, A1 Pharmaceuticals.

"Thoroughly enjoyable – some really simple but powerful techniques. Really look forward to putting them into practice." - Paul Nolan, Nolan Partners

This is the detailed overview of what you will learn in these 5 hours of intensive training with Bruce to enable you to Double Your Sales – Fast…

  • RE-DEFINING SELLING – Because when you understand what selling really is – you’ll also realise just how EASY it can be!
  • UNLEASHING THE POWER OF YOUR BRAIN – You’ve probably heard the expression ‘Success is all in the mind’ and it’s so true. In this session you’ll learn simple yet extraordinarily effective techniques that take just a few minutes a day and will supercharge your brain for Sales Success!
  • WHY PEOPLE BUY – When you know WHY people buy, selling becomes EASY! You’ll learn the real reasons people make positive buying decisions and how to tailor your presentation to match those reasons.
  • SALES TIME MANAGEMENT – It’s a fact that most people waste up to 50% of their time, usually without even realising it. In this session you will learn Bruce King’s four time management techniques to manage your time far more effectively and create more opportunities for selling.
  • PROSPECTING FOR NEW BUSINESS – New business is the lifeblood of most businesses, so unless you have people queuing up to do business with you, you have to prospect for new business yourself. In this session you will learn:
    • How to get at least 80% of new business from Referrals.
    • Telephone appointment setting techniques that get you a conversation with a decision maker and what to say to book the appointment or make the sale.
    • This is Prospecting For New Business Made Easy!
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS – To sell effectively, you must be able to communicate your offer in a way that makes prospects want to buy from you. In this session you will learn…
    • How people communicate and why they so often fail to do so effectively
    • How to establish instant rapport with everyone you meet
    • Five techniques to enhance your communication skills that make people want to buy from you
    • Power words and phrases you should use and weak words and phrases never to use.
    • And a great deal more...
  • A SELLING SYSTEM – Whether they realise it or not, all buyers have a buying system. Without a selling system, you automatically default to the Buyer’s system and lose control of the sales process and probably lose the sale. In this session you will learn the fundamentals of a selling system you can implement right away and achieve far greater results.
  • NEGOTIATING SKILLS – Most buyers want to negotiate and it is very easy to give away more than you would like to. In this session you will learn the 10 Key Negotiation Strategies to employ to enable you to agree the best deal for both parties – Win-Win Negotiating!
  • HANDLING OBJECTIONS – Using what you learn in this Master Class will make the sales process goes so smoothly you will wonder why you ever found it difficult to sell. But sometimes prospects will still be unsure, may have more questions and will raise objections. In this session you will learn the seven golden rules for handling objections and how to deal with the most common objections. Yes – price is one of them and so easy to overcome!
  • CLOSING THE SALE – This is probably the one area that even professional salespeople often struggle with. But the fact of the matter is that if you want the prospect’s business – most times you are going to have to ask for it. In this session you will learn simple and effective techniques for closing the sale that you will look forward to using and getting the order. This really is CLOSING THE SALE MADE EASY!

"I found Bruce King’s workshop inspirational and learned a great deal which we have immediately put into practice – especially all the techniques he recommends in ‘closing the deal’. I would highly recommend this workshop. A participant will get the opportunity to consider ‘how to double your sales’ with skills and strategies which can be implemented; you get to network; and above all the whole day focuses on action you can take immediately – it is a great day – delivered by a professional who knows what he is talking about." - Mui Li, Director, Muika Leadership

BONUSES: For A Limited Time, I am Including The Following For FREE

Bonus 1: The Results Accelerator Course Manual

This 64 page full colour Course Manual contains a copy of all the key slides used throughout the training, combined with a system which makes note taking easy as you work your way through the videos. It also contains instructions and exercises to enable you to quickly tailor all the material to your own specific products or services, accelerate your learning and get results fast!

Bonus 2: 30 Days of Unlimited Support from Bruce King himself

To make absolutely certain that you will get maximum benefit from this home study program and increase your sales significantly and fast, Bruce is giving you a whole month FREE MENTORING. The MINIMUM hourly fee Bruce usually charges for sales coaching is £375, BUT as part of this package, you’ll have unlimited access to him via his online support COMPLETELY FREE for 30 days!

It's free for you if you order right now.

3 Month Guarantee – I Take the Risk

If you implement these techniques and do not massively increase your sales in the next 3 months we’ll give you a full refund, that is how confident we are in this Selling Made Easy Home Study Course. Use the product for 3 months, and if you're not satisfied just let me know, return your Course and I'll send you a refund right away. So there's absolutely no risk on your part.
All the risk is on me.

You don't have to decide if this Home Study Course is for you right now. I'll take the risk.

If my Double Your Sales Training to become a better sales performer doesn't help you revolutionise your current selling methods and hit higher sales targets, enabling you to literally massively increase your sales in 3 months, I will give you all of your money back.

I believe in every product, course, and workshop that I invest my time in producing and presenting. This one is no different.

Take the Home Study Course, pay for it, study it and apply the principles for the next 3 months. I'll hold on to your money and give it back if it doesn't work for you.

All you have to do is send the Material back along with the details of how your performance hasn't improved. You'll get a full refund.

You have nothing to lose by investing in this Course today and learning from it. If it doesn't work, you'll get all of your money back.

Here's a few more of the many testimonials received…

"Dear Bruce, many thanks for your fabulous conference last week. The last sales training of any official kind that I attended was some twenty four years ago so it was with a mixed measure of anticipation and trepidation that I started the day with. I found your presentations both ‘easy on the ear’ and interesting and was reassured to discover that some of the ground that you covered I already put into practice, albeit some of it unconsciously until you highlighted it in your presentations. I left the conference with renewed self confidence and with some great ideas, elements of which have already been put into practice in both telephone conversations and yesterday in face to face meetings. I would recommend everyone involved in sales, young and not so young alike to attend this conference and will certainly look forward to learning of any further conferences that you plan to do." - Nigel J. Hardy, MIoD International Sales & Marketing Director, The Travel Retail Business

"I found the seminar informative, but mainly very inspiring. I guess it is not what you know but what you DO that makes the difference, and the seminar made be re-address knowledge I already have and has given me a kick up the backside to focus on what really matters." - Malene van Hauen – Managing Director, Chrisanne Ltd

"Bruce taught us an invaluable amount about ourselves and our untapped potential. He gave us the tools to effectively set and achieve our goals." - Francis West and Colin Phipps, Co-directors, The Millionaires Business Club

"I found your double your sales in 3 weeks very inspirational and putting some of it into practice since Wednesday I have brought in 15 % of my yearly target since your course (that’s in 2 days!) so thank you." - Martin Hembling, Swiftclean Ltd

"Thank you very much for such an empowering session with you yesterday. The boost of confidence and positive energy was what we all needed. I find your seminar truly inspiring and that is why I came to listen to you one more time. Also the way you perform and your strong attitude is something to learn from Bruce and is the key to success too. No wonder you’ve got so many fans." - Jo Kozicki – Managing Director, Von Meissen Ltd

"I attended your conference with four of my sales team. Every one of these has more than doubled their sales within three months. That’s what I call a result. Many thanks." - Lorraine Farmer

"How to Double your Sales was an inspiring combination of high quality sales techniques and powerful alternative angles. I have already put several of Bruce’s ideas into practice and found them powerful allies in the pursuit of greater success." - Peter Lane, Sussex Innovation Centre

"I attended one of your courses around five months ago and shortly after the course I set myself four personal objectives over a three year period. I also adopted several other techniques from the course and also go through the course CD a few times per week. Thought you might like to know that I achieved goal number one last week! Unbelievable but true." - Grant Taylor, EULA Sales Manager

"Best sales training workshop I have ever attended in my entire 26 year career. Thank you so much Bruce." - David Price

"I really found the workshop last week you ran very helpful – sales are heading in the right direction already toward double!" - Mark Hatcliffe, Head of Customer Service, Barclays

"I just wanted to thank you for an extremely informative and interesting day. I came to your seminar with an open mind and left with so much more. Not only has the information you passed on instantly helped me within my sales techniques, it has also help me identify some personal priorities that I need to address before I become successful and deliver over and above my set targets within our business. Inspirational may be a statement but I do have a vision where I see myself but until yesterday did not really know how I was going to achieve it. I will let you know when I do!!" - Kevin Laughton, Gilchrist New Business Development Director

"I am more motivated than I have been in months and have seen a dramatic increase in sales." - Lisa Alexander, GMX Communications

"In the week or so since your conference I have managed to increase my number of sales calls by asking for referrals at the initial point of contact. I have also visualised and imagined two of my prospects who had appeared to have gone cold contacting me to make an order – and they have!" - Colin Shove, Salon Sales Solutions Ltd

"I was mightily impressed with your seminar and am working with the sales team that accompanied me to integrate everything into our business" - Peter Dowell, DELTA NEU Limited

How Much?

The live event for this training sells for up to £900 and has been presented to sell out audiences in 19+ countries.And some of the World's top sales people have attended it.

It is established as THE Selling Made Easy Master Class which will enable you to Double Your Sales, it's the only sensible choice for you too, to learn and use these strategies to become even more successful in Sales.

NOW I can offer it for Only $297 USD

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If you aren't on your way to making more income in your sales position over the next 3 months, I will give you your money back.

Yes that's right - a 3 month guarantee! This truly will pay for itself many times over.

To Your Success,

Bruce King

P.S. Remember, if you apply what you learn in this Training Course and you don't make money or aren't on your way to making double your sales in the next 3 months, I will give you all of your money back. You don't have to decide if it's right for you right now. Put the money down, see how it works and if it doesn't I will take the loss.
P.P.S. Get The "Selling Made Easy Master Class" (aka THE "Double Your Sales" Home Study Course) TODAY - and increase your sales and bank account.

What else is covered?

Topics covered include:

  • Why people buy
  • Understand what selling is and the real reasons why people buy
  • The myth of the ‘hard sell’ – the downside of the ‘soft sell’ and the solution

  • Improving your communication skills
  • How people communicate and why they often fail to do so effectively
  • Simple and extraordinary NLP techniques to enhance your communication skills and influence people to want to buy from you
  • How to establish immediate rapport with everyone you meet
  • Power words and phrases you should use, and weak words and phrases you should never use

  • Time management
  • Five simple and extremely effective time management techniques to double your selling time and possibly even work less hours

  • Prospecting for new business - cold calling and referral marketing
  • How to ensure you have a conversation with a cold prospect
  • How to develop your ‘elevator pitch’ and why you should rarely use it
  • How to ensure a stream of qualified referrals

  • A selling system that puts you in control of the sales process
  • How to ensure you always speak with a decision maker
  • How to set an agenda for your meeting that puts you in control
  • How to establish the decision maker’s buying process
  • How to construct your selling process
  • How to pre-empt and deal with ‘I want to think it over’ and ‘I have to discuss this with...’

  • Negotiating, handling objections and closing the sale
  • The 10 golden rules for negotiating
  • An interactive negotiating session with a prize for the person who sells for the highest price
  • The seven golden rules for handling objections
  • Dealing with price objections
  • The simplest and most effective ‘no pressure’ strategies for closing the sale
  • The secrets of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs – and you can use these too.

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Your invoice will show a payment to Bruce King's company
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